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Sarasota Film Festival - Greg Kinnear - The Philosophy of Phil

Facing a mid-life crisis, Phil McGuire (Greg Kinnear) is struggling to get through his days as a dentist after the collapse of his marriage and estrangement from his daughter. When patient Michael Fisk (Bradley Whitford) comes for a morning check-up and brags about his charmed and blessed life with his successful wife (Emily Mortimer), Phil sinks further into despair while trying to figure out why some people seem "to have it all." But when he discovers that Michael Fisk unexpectedly commits suicide, Phil goes on a quest to find out what possibly could have gone wrong — and goes on a darkly comedic adventure that he never could have possibly expected. Jay Duplass (TRANSPARENT), Taylor Schilling (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), and Luke Wilson (MEADOWLAND) round out the outstanding ensemble cast. Director and star Greg Kinnear will be in attendance.

Greg Kinnear Interview


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