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Sarasota Film Festival - Delenda - World Premiere

We captured the stars of Delenda on the red carpet - a dark comedy that kept us on the edge of our seats! Watch the interview below.

Delenda - World Premiere - Interviews

There's been a terrorist attack in New York.  DELENDA, a satirical comedy-drama, follows three lead characters centered around a hip Brooklyn-based media company, 'Slash Media,' as they seek to capitalize on the event in a variety of morally dubious ways.  There's Rosemary, who opportunistically tries to find and profile American teenagers who're joining ISIS to revamp her career; Jeane, who's making a problematic ISIS-inspired art project; and Guy, Jeane's friend and confidant, who works at Slash Media's newly-launched terrorism-themed vertical, 'Brimstone.'  The convergence of Slash Media and a rumored terrorist underworld serves as an ironic backdrop for the characters's interpersonal drama, as unlikely friendships are forged and others are put to the test.  Different characters creep to the fore — a teenager who wants to join ISIS, her oblivious father, and Brimstone's unhinged editor-in-chief — as all manner of exploitation are brought to light.

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