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Sarasota Film Festival - Diminuendo

A director's life crumbles when Cello, his Hollywood starlet girlfriend, kills herself. Years later, after he's offered the chance to direct the film of Cello's life, he becomes obsessed with the robot designed to replicate her in the film.

Diminuendo will be having its World Premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 20th - see details below - all-star cast and crew will be in attendance!

Purchase your tickets here -

Diminuendo - Martini and a Movie Review

Richard Hatch's final movie, it's worth checking out for his performance.

"I love that we had an actor from Battlestar Galactica (Richard Hatch), and an actor from Star Trek (Walter Koenig) in a movie about a robot (Chloe Dykstra)."

Diminuendo - Trailer

Make sure to meet the cast and crew of Diminuendo at its World Premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival!! Screening Friday, April 20th @ 5:45 PM - Regal Hollywood Stadium 11.

World Premiere - Teaser Video

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1 Comment

Robert Evans
Robert Evans
May 12, 2018

Great video review of Diminuendo guys. I was an extra in one of the scenes and had forgotten all about it until I saw your review. Of course you can never tell being on set for such a short time how a movie is going to be and as an extra you often don't even see yourself on the screen, but always fun to see the movie anyway, especially when such a great review. So sad about Richard Hatch, gone at such a relatively young age. But I bet he's looking down from the heavenly realms and is well pleased. (Oh, they did have me pretend to be a script supervisor in a scene, so might be in there after…

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