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Sarasota Film Festival - The Great Flip-Off - Review

Sarasota Film Festival - Michael and Richard were lucky enough to check out the World Premiere of The Great Flip-Off, a documentary that follows extreme bareback riding families.

The Great Flip-Off Review

Michael - "They give lessons - I think we should do it!"
Richard - "That would be very interesting since we both have balance and vertigo issues."

The Great Flip-Off - Trailer

In 2006, we meet the best-of-the-best bareback artists past and present — The Donnerts, the Turveys, The Suarezes, the Zamperla-Zoppes, Timi Loyal and Mark Karoly. Each family holds a unique place in American circus riding history.  They are competitors that agree to unite for a one night performance for the sake of keeping their art alive. From the seventh generation Italian Zamperla Zoppes, to the Donnerts who escaped from communist Hungary, to the Loyals of London who joined forces with the Mexican Suarez family, not only will their bold skill draw you in, but the interpersonal portrait of their family will capture your heart and submerge you into a fascinating world. Jumping through flaming hoops and executing somersaults high into the bigtop while bareback on magnificent steeds does not make them flinch. For these families, fear is not felt at the face of their daring stunts, but rather at the pending unknown: their future without a ring.

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26 apr 2018

You can come learn from Timi Loyal at Loyal Vaulting & Equestrian Arts!

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