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Sarasota Film Festival - Opening Night - Live Stream

Voted one of the Top 25 Film Festivals in the World, Sarasota Film Festival is a must-stop festival for us every year. And convenient - we live 10 minutes away! April 13 - 22, 2018

Red Carpet - Opening night - LIVE STREAMING! (edited version)

The movies are almost all shown within a single building - Regal Hollywood 11, making it easy to maximize your viewing time (and get snacks between screenings!).

Large enough to get an awesome selection of movies to see. Small enough to enjoy some more intimate moments with the filmmakers and celebrities!

There are plenty of awesome volunteers helping out, directing you where to go and what's next. And looking for places to eat and drink between movies...there are almost TOO many options!

Look for us around the festival - we'll be inside the theaters - outside the theaters - inside the bars - outside the bars (but mostly inside!) - filming and doing our best to capture the vibe, which is always electric. If you see us, PLEASE say hello! And if you post pics or videos, please use the hashtag - #martiniandamovie - we'll be surprising hashtaggers with some goodies :)


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